Brief Introduction of the Association:

Sonic Sports Association, in cooperation with Dynamic Shark, has accumulated 15 years of experience in organizing triathlons. Up to now, it has successfully promoted over 500 children to become members of Affiliated Club of Hong Kong Triathlons Association and participate in the competitions organized by the Hong Kong Triathlon Association.


Introduction of course:

This course enables more children and teenagers to get to know more about the knowledge of triathlon sports.

-To enable more children to be able to cope with and complete the triathlon competition organized by the triathlon association.


Details of plan:

Including long-distance swimming training, swimming skill improvement training, running and cycling training, triathlon cycling skills, etc.

Requirements: 6 years old or above

Swimming Training: Able to swim up to 50 meters or above

Cycling Training: Those who know how to cycle

The place of cycling: Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool (Mei Foo)


Coach qualification:

Application Methods for Triathlon Coach/Swimming Coach/Track and Field Coach:

Whatsapp 61032509  Email: Request Form and Leave Applicant’s Name and Contact Number

The attendance rate of the trainees is 80% then can obtain a certificate of completion.